Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Shower Bridal Book Game

A fun Wedding shower or Bridal Shower game that is very interactive, and is a great ice breaker.  To play the game, the Bride or Groom starts by reading the first page and passing it to the appropriate person.  Each person passes it on each page and the last one holding the book is the winner!

First get a note book, photo brag book or mini scrap book like this one that I got at the Dollar Tree below.  I actually bought two of them for extra pages and added the pages from one into the other.  You will need 12 full spread pages.   

On one side of each page, place one of the following romance novel couples pictures, full page.  (Save your favorite for the cover.) 

On the other side you're going to place a portion of this poem below.   (I also added a little fun fact about the lucky couple on the bottom of each page for later.  You'll see why in a bit.)  I altered the poem for a co-ed Wedding shower.  The original was made just for ladies.  You can find that version and my inspiration here.

Page 1:  This page will read "This game is really easy and we hope that you have fun, no one can tell who the winner will be until the game is done".
Page 2:  Each page of rhymes will tell you exactly what to do. They will lead you to the winner, perhaps it will be you.
Page 3:  Roses are red, violets are blue. Now please pass this book to the person who is just left of you.
Page 4:  (Bride) and (Groom) are counting down to their special day. We're all excited for them, it's not really that far away. Now pass this book on to the person with the most recent birthday.
Page 5:  The bride is still preparing, for there are still things left to do. Now please pass this book to the person with the eyes of brightest blue. But if there are no blue eyes to be completely fair you must give this book to the person who has the darkest hair.
Page 6:  (Bride and Groom) are alter bound, we’re sure their love will thrive. Now please pass this book on to the person who was the last one to arrive.
Page 7:  Wedding bells will be ring real soon, and  "I do's" we'll hear them say. Now please pass this book to the person wearing the most red today.
Page 8: There are many binds in marriage; faith and love are the strongest. Now please pass this on to the man who has been married the longest.
Page 9:  (Street) in (City) is where they will reside. Now please pass this book to the lady who is the newest bride.
Page 10:  Family and friends come here today from places near and far. Now please pass this book on to the person who came furthest in their car.
Page 11:  This game is nearly over. It’s a shame it’s done so soon!  Please pass this book to the person who is the youngest in the room.
Page 12:  (Bride) will be a gorgeous bride and (Groom) will look good too!  The winner of the prize today is the guest to the right of you!  (Please pass this book back to the Lucky Couple.)
I was working up to the last minute so I didn't get a photo of the finished book. 

Give a prize to the last person holding the book.  The book is now a memento for the couple!  Now pass out paper and pencils to everyone and quiz them on the fun facts on the bottom of each page.  Whoever gets the most correct wins another prize!  
Make sure to have extra gifts on hand for ties.  You can do a tie breaker or give out two prizes.  If you have extra gifts at the end, make sure you give one to the runners up on the last game of the day.

Wedding Party and Family Badges

For the co-ed Wedding Shower I am hosting, I wanted the out-of-town family and wedding party to all be acknowledged and recognized at the Wedding Shower and the Rehearsal dinner.  I was inspired by these wedding party badges on Etsy here.

I created my own using these reusable buttons from Dollar Tree.

You can also find these at Michaels in packs of 5.  I used this template to design my buttons using the buttons above as my inspiration.

I used simple fonts, Webdings and Wingdings on black and white backgrounds.  Here's the cheat sheet for those Webdings and Wingdings.

I used Gimp to edit my designs.  It's a free software like Photoshop.

If you don't have Photoshop, you can download Gimp here.  Here are my finished designs based on who was invited to the wedding.

I left space around each design on purpose.  If you use a Badge-a-Minit instead of the reusable buttons, you will need a little extra paper around the edges of your designs that get folded back into the finished button.

To make the Bride's buttons a little more fancy, I took apart a silk rose, cut the petals off individually and rubber cemented them to the back of her button around the pin to make a rosette style button.

Then I added a scrap of book page, v-cut, to the back of both the Bride and Groom's.

You can finish the button further by glueing a piece of felt to the back to cover the glue mess.  Just be sure to cut a slit for the pin back.

These not only helped the staff at the venue for the wedding shower and rehearsal, but that made for great conversation starters at the events and the bachelor and bachelorette parties.  The Bride and Groom can add theirs to their memory box after the event.

Future Mum and Pop Gifts

Went to a gender reveal party the other day.  It was not a baby shower but I still wanted to bring a little gift for the hosts.  My inspiration was this Father's Day gift.

Here's what I put in mine:

I wanted something for the mom to be too.  It was harder to think of mom puns but I went with a potted Mum and a Hershey's bar wrapped with gauze to look like a mummy.  The inspiration for the mummy candy bar and tutorial came from here.

I bagged them both in clear gift bags and added "Future Mum" and "Future Pop" tags to both gifts.

Here's what I came up with:

If you have any other "Pop" or "Mom" puns you want to share let me know!  I would love suggestions for next time!

Thanks for Reading!

Hair Supplies Drawer: Organized!

After months of digging through a pile of hair binders, clips, bobby pins, brushes and other hair doodads, I finally organized my drawer simply and cheaply with votive cups from Dollar Tree.

The cups left a bit of a gap in the middle of the drawer that was perfect for my brushes and mirror.  The combs are tucked in the front for easy access.  I also slipped in the tab from the box of hair coloring I used last time if ever I want to try it again.

I organized my stuff into these categories: bobby pins, hair clips, small black binders, large pony binders, safety pins (not really a hair thing but I had tons), pony beads, bun maker, and misc hair gadgets and combs.  I put the ones I use the most up front.  The drawer held 8 cups perfectly.

This would also work perfectly for organizing make-up, jewelry, sewing supplies, craft supplies, kitchen name it!