Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kitchen Angel Craft

One of my family members received this Kitchen Angel in our gift exchange this year and I loved the idea so much that I wanted to archive it for future use: house warming gift, college-bound-student gift, etc.

1 washcloth
1 dish towel
1 donut shaped pot scrubby
1 potholder
some thin ribbon

1. Fold the dish towel in thirds along the long edges and then in half bringing the two short ends together. This is the body of the angel. Tie a ribbon a few inches down to form a head. Tie in back.

2. pinch a potholder together in the middle to form a bow tie shape. With the ends of the neck ribbon, secure the wings to the back of the angel. These are the wings.

3. Roll a washcloth into a tube. This is the arms of the angel. slip it between the folded dishtowel and tie "wrists" in front

4. Slip a length of ribbon through the sides of the head and through the donut hole of the pot scrubby. tie a large bow to hold scrubby on. If needed, stick the ribbon into a smaller hole in the scubby if the center hole is too large. This is the angel's halo.

5. Print Poem and attach to hands of angel.

Variation: slip a wooden spoon, or a set of measuring cups in the arms and attach a recipe card with the angel poem on the back.

Pot Scrubbies come in a variety of colors like red, silver and gold.

I didn't really like the style of this one. (Country kitchen is not really my style) But Target has all these same items in a rainbow of colors that would look really flashy and fun.

Play around with color combos and patterns of the fabric elements:

-Try all white with a gold halo for Christmas with a metal cookie cutter and recipe card in the hands.

-Do each element a different color and attach a recipe for rainbow cake, a bunch or colorful suckers or a small mylar balloon for a Birthday.

-Use brown, cream and whites and slip a couple packets of hot cocoa mix and a pretty spoon in its arms for a winter gift or party favor.

-Do it all in pink and sell them for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. You can pin a pink ribbon pin between its hands

-Use Christmas themed items and slip a candy cane in its hands

-Use floral print elements and slip a fake or real flower in it's arms for a gardener or spring time gift.

-Use red, white and green elements and tie on a small bag of gourmet pasta. Or try another ethnic recipe or element with colors of that countries flag.

Whatever the event, you can customize this craft to fit any almost occasion.

What are your ideas?

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