Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hair Supplies Drawer: Organized!

After months of digging through a pile of hair binders, clips, bobby pins, brushes and other hair doodads, I finally organized my drawer simply and cheaply with votive cups from Dollar Tree.

The cups left a bit of a gap in the middle of the drawer that was perfect for my brushes and mirror.  The combs are tucked in the front for easy access.  I also slipped in the tab from the box of hair coloring I used last time if ever I want to try it again.

I organized my stuff into these categories: bobby pins, hair clips, small black binders, large pony binders, safety pins (not really a hair thing but I had tons), pony beads, bun maker, and misc hair gadgets and combs.  I put the ones I use the most up front.  The drawer held 8 cups perfectly.

This would also work perfectly for organizing make-up, jewelry, sewing supplies, craft supplies, kitchen name it!

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