Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Non-Food item "dessert buffet"

I've been seeing a trend recently for dessert buffets that don't feature sweets like this school supply display or this all-soap display. I love the idea as so many people are watching what they eat and this is a guilt free option!

Here's a couple of other non-food "dessert" buffet ideas:

A Book Club:
assorted bookmarks
little book lights
book labels
tea bags
literary inspired magnets or other trinkets

A Casino Party:
poker chips (chocolate or real)
decks of cards
colored dice
arm garters
translucent green visors
dollar sign rings and bracelets
dollar print pencils and notebooks

Spa Party or Sleepover:
eye masks
nail polishes
toe dividers for painting nails
nail files
cotton towels, or wash cloths
mini lotions and other beauty products
manicure kits
cucumber slices for eyes
pairs or moisturizing gloves or socks (they have them at DT)
foot pumice stones or files
flip flops or slippers

New Year's Eve Party:
assorted party blowers
assorted noisemakers
party hats and tiaras
beaded necklaces
plastic champagne flutes
mini aspirin and Pepto Bismol
flavored chap sticks
streamers and confetti
party poppers

The possibilities are endless!

Try a Christmas cookie recipe exchange party or a DIY sushi party. How about a scrapbook party? A tea and coffee item buffet works for mother's day or a birthday. Or try gardening supplies, seed and bulbs for a gardening or lawn care party.

And here's some tips for putting it all together:

* Place small items in apothecary jars or in fish/candy bowls with scoops

* small items can also be wrapped in squares of wax paper like a candy and piled on a dish

* line flat items in rows, overlapping some, on square trays or dishes. I bought white rectangular sushi plates at the Dollar Tree.

* highlight stand-up items by attaching a flag or tag to it.

* present items on their own mini cake stand. You can make them from Dollar Tree candlestick holders and small plates, cardboard circles or stove burner covers. Spray paint to match color scheme

* display round or rolled up items in a cupcake holder

* stand tall items in rows. Use the foam lined tray technique and then cover the foam with filler like paperclips, shredded paper, glass rocks, river stones, etc.

* fill pretty glasses like martini, wine and sundae glasses with items.

* use the popcorn cone technique to display light-weight items

* bag like items and sets of items and top with a decorative bag topper

* put items on a stick and display upright in a foam lined tray or upside down on a plate with sticks in the air.

* use chinese or bent spoons to highlight small but special items. Line them up on a tray.

* and for the creative types, disguise your items as food items like cakes, maki sushi rolls, cupcakes, sundaes, candies, lollipops, etc.

Remember, You don't need a lot of everything! Try 4-8 of each item. Guests can chose one of each or make their own treat bag from items offered.

Have fun and please post a comment
if you try something similar!!

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