Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Printable Witch Politician Costume

Here's a simple way to put a fun spin on a traditional witch costume. I was inspired by this yard sign that can be bought at Party Cheap.

I knew I wanted to be a witch but wanted to do something unique so I went with a Witch Politician. Running or President no less!!

First, buy this yard sign and stick it in the yard. You can also carry it around if you prefer. Then you can print several of this same image out smaller for political postcard to hand out. I printed a few on 4x6 photo paper I got at the Dollar Tree for a bright, clean, semi gloss finish.

Then I printed out a few campaign buttons. Here's the three images I used. There's two ways to do this. If you have a Badge-a-minit button maker, then print them on paper and turn them into nice buttons. Or simply print them onto more photo paper and cut them out. I taped a small safety pin to the back of each and they looked great!

That's it! Too simple but really fun. I'm throwing a Harry Potter inspired Halloween party this year so I'm thinking of writing "I will no tell lies" on the back of one hand as a wink to the books. I think it's fitting for a political candidate ; ) (That's my little kitten in the photo trying to get my buttons.)

There is also "Wolfman for Sheriff" at Party Cheap and I think other sites have a few other designs. You could do a group thang. What a great idea for those Halloween pub crawls and such.

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