Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zombie Dessert Buffet Ideas

Remember my previous post on a Simple Dollar Store Dessert Buffet? Here's how to use cheap finds to turn it into a Zombie Dessert Buffet! This is cute enough for all ages and gross enough for adults too!


This "Blood stained tablecloth is excellent (and cheap!)


For a simple background, stretch a few strips of this caution tape back and forth behind the dessert table.

TABLE WARE: I love these "I Love Zombies" table wares. There's cups, plates and napkins. Don't forget to order a few plastic cutlery in lime green or red.


*PUDDING CUPS- Simply open cups of pre-packaged chocolate or tapioca pudding. Pop in a plastic spoon, top with crushed Oreo style cookies and top with one of these zombie hands picks

*GELATIN- Using dollar store Jell-O and this awesome brain mold, make a giant brain Jell-O mold. Display on a few leaves of salad on a silver tray or similar. Make sure to leave cups, spoons and a knife nearby for serving.

*SUCKERS- These brain candy mold suckers can be really neatly displayed. One idea is to fill a lipped tray with floral foam. Cover foam in cling wrap. Neatly line up suckers by poking them in the foam. Cover exposed foam with loose candy like red hots. Another idea is a sucker tree. Grab a floral cone this time and cover with suckers. Then wrap from top to bottom in red ribbon, going between the sucker sticks and covering the exposed foam.

*LOOSE CANDY- Loose candy, popcorn or salty treats work well stuffed into these monster hands treat bags. Line them up, fingers up, in a tray of more crushed Oreos or line the tray with a scrap of astro turf for the zombie hands coming out of the ground look.

*CUPCAKES- you can make your own using dollar store cake mix and frosting, but to save time, just get some plain ones from the grocery store. frost lightly with red tinted frosting then pipe pink brain pattern on top with a pastry bag or a plastic baggie with one corner snipped. I love these skull cupcake holders!

*ICE- serve these brain ice cubes in an insulated ice bucket next to the soda or punch bowl. Make sure to leave out plenty of red or lime green straws and glasses.

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