Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy Halloween Party Decorations

Quick, cheap and easy were my Halloween party decorating themes last year. I managed to get a majority of my decorations at the Dollar Tree. Here's what we did:

Witch Laundry. I used black and long socks that I had in my closet and decorated them with pinned on bows and the plastic spiders I got out of a pack of spider webbing. The hats are plain and sparkly hats from the Dollar Tree and Target's dollar spot decorated with scarves of my own and black and orange crepe streamers. The gloves are just a pair of stretchy orange gloves with pinned on bows. All hung up on green dollar store clothing line with old fashioned clothespins.

Witch laundry
witch hats $1 ea.
stretchy gloves $1
ribbon and scarf accents (on hand)
black crepe streamer $1
orange crepe streamer $1
clothesline $1
clothes pins $1
safety pins (on hand)
socks (on hand)
plastic spiders (from a bag of spider web)

The 'laundry tub' cauldron stuffed with crumpled newspaper and topped with spider webbing. The bubbles are silver and blue christmas ornaments tucked inside. Clear would work well too. It rests on a 'fire' of orange twinkle lights. I added some empty laundry containers and a few more clothespins next to it. On the window ledge behind is a dollar tree raven, a dollar store frame with a pic of the Bride of Frankenstein and a tall dollar store vase filled with orange, green and purple Christmas decorations on a bit of spanish moss.

Laundry Cauldron
cauldron (on hand)
Twinkle lights (on hand)
spider webbing $1
Christmas decorations $1

Window Display
raven $1
silver frame $1
tall glass vase $1
Christmas decorations $1 (or on hand)
spanish moss $1

Another window ledge holds some dollar store bones, a tea light and a glitter skull on a bed of spanish moss. The dome is a 2 liter bottle with the bottom cut off and the top covered with tin foil set upon a saucer. The skull is decorated with scrapbook paper and black and orange crepe paper streamer. The dome is accented with scrapbook ribbon from Target's dollar spot and a small button that we had on hand.

Glitter Skull Dome
glitter skull $1
scrapbook paper $1 (or on hand)
black crepe streamer $1
orange crepe streamer $1
spanish moss $1
saucer (on hand)
2 liter pop bottle (on hand)
tinfoil (on hand)
scrapbook ribbon $1
button or other accent (on hand)

For the costume contest awards, I decorated some dollar store bones with scraps of ribbon and some metal scrapbook accents I had on hand (plastic skull or spider rings would work too.) I wrote the categories on the sides of the bones in permanent marker.

Costume Bone Awards
bones $1
scraps of ribbon $1 (or on hand)
accents $1 (or on hand)

Costume contest winners also received a goody bag full of Halloween pencils, skeleton bendy straws, plastic bookmarks, rings and other favors, and candy.

Goody Bags
goody bags $1
Halloween pencils $1
skeleton bendy straws $1
plastic Halloween favors $1
Candy $1

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