Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Things

Beautiful things that you can replicate with dollar store materials:

1. Anthropology inspired mirror

Materials needed:
3-5" round Dollar Tree candle mirrors -$3
1- full length mirror with black frame - $15 at Target
1- Dollar Tree double pack of electrical tape- $1
1- Dollar Tree tube of super glue- $1
TOTAL -$20

Instructions: position three round mirrors evenly down the center of the long mirror and glue in place with super glue. Let dry over night. Tape straight lines from the round mirrors out to the edges and down the center. Carefully tape around each round mirror, being careful not to stretch the electrical tape too much. It can result in peeling later. Hand mirror vertically or horizontally.

2. Placemat pencil cups

Materials needed:
2- Dollar tree placemats -$2
thread and sewing machine or needle -on hand
sewing pins- on hand

Instructions: Cut one rectangle each out of two contrasting place mats along the edge of the place mats. Cut one circle each out of the remainder of the place mats. Sew both rectangles into a tube along the short edge. Place one rectangle inside the other with seams facing each other. sew the hemmed edge of the rectangles together. Turn that piece inside out and pin circle to bottom with patterns matching. stitch in place. Turn right side out and fold down the top inch.

3. Paper Bag Vases

Materials needed:
1- bag of Dollar tree lunch sacks -$1
assorted rubber stamps- on hand
white stamp pad- on hand

Instructions: Cut brown paper lunch sacks down to size. Stamp front and back stamps in white ink. Place any container inside such as a bowl, jelly jar, or glass. Fill with flowers. Make several designs and store flat for whenever you need them.

4. Lace Doily Bowls

Materials needed:
1- crocheted lace doily -$1
bowl- on hand
liquid starch- $2+
TOTAL -$3+

Instructions: Completely soak the lace doily in liquid starch. Drap over the back of an upturned bowl and smooth down. Let dry over night or until completely dry. De-mold and fill with lovely things.

5. Clip Bookmark

Materials needed:
1- set of large clips- $1
1- permanent marker- $1 (or rub on words)

Instructions: With a marker or rub on words. Decorate a large office clip and use as a bookmark or mail clip.

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