Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheap DIY Kitty Playhouses and Beds

One of my goals this year is to make our home into a kitty fun playland while keeping a modern style. Our cat Sushi loves his soft sided carrier and sleeps in it often. I wanted to make some fun play houses like this cardboard one from Martha Stewart. It's clean, simple and elegant.

I also like the design, and price tag of this tube playhouse from Modern Cat. The carpet sample bed below is also their design and would be a great addition to the tops of the radiators, and speakers as extra cat perches.

both from Modern Cat

For those who like to sew, Simplicity has (had?) this pattern #9004 for a 2 tent patterns and this adorable fish house. I think it could be very elegant with jeweled eyes and in all blue/green or natural tones.

I also thought of slipcovering a dining room chair with a box slipcover and cutting a hole for the cat to climb in.

And finally, I want to pick up more carpet sample and doormats from the dollar store and use then to designate a cubby in the bookshelf and a cupboard in the kitchen just for the cat.

If I wasn't renting, I would for sure add wall shelves as cat stairs and fit them with carpet squares or tiles or rubber grip mats. I know cats like to be up high, so we're trying to think of ways to let hime use that space like on top of the TV (we have a big boxy one) and the refridgerator.

Any other ideas that you can think of?

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