Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dollar Store Clowing

As many a wise Clown already know, the dollar store can be a great location for cheap clowning and gag props. Put together a play box for the kids, entertain at a community event or birthday party, visit a sick friend in the hospital, or make an entertaining Clown costume for Halloween. Here's some great Clown things I found at the dollar store today:


This jumbo tie had a matching felt top hat at one time

Snazz up any shoe with these glitter shoelaces. Converse work particularly well on Clowns.

I also got a pair of nerd glasses with a sponge clown nose in the toy section. I use the glasses and nose to make kids "funnier" right before a photo. I also pull out the glasses to 'examine' things like face painting or cool t-shirts or to find invisible things.

Stick the nose in an empty baby food jar or similar and you've got yourself an Emergency Clown Nose

Note: The sponge nose does not stay on kids tiny noses but worked great on me!


Everything's funnier when it's jumbo or mini


Grab a variety of noise makers such as these razzer whistles. Also look in the party favor section for kazoos, siren whistles, and regular whistles. The toy section has recorder flutes if you think you can learn a song or two. And dismantle a squeaking pet toy for the little squeaker inside. these are awesome 'cause they are kinda hidden in your hand and you can squeak you nose or a kids nose.


The toy section has these little bears in different colors and a whole slew of outfits and props (mostly profession like fire fighter or cop).

I thought this bear would make a great Nurse Bearnadette. She's a great assistant for a Caring Clown (A clown that does hospital and nursing home visits).

You don't need to pick a bear though. Try another stuffed animal or a baby doll or use the outfits or props on a toy of your own or a puppet. Puppets also make great assistants for doing clown magic.


These a ton of gags you can do with some foam letters and I was thrilled when I saw this pack of craft foam at dollar store! The foam sheets are really thin and easy to cut.

Print out the letters E, I, X, and B in a large thick font on your computer and use it as a stencil. You'll get Free Bs (Freebies) to hand out. Pink Es (pinkies) that you can ask a child to hold on to extending your pinky and then passing them one of these instead. Cut a full sheet into a J and you have a baby Blue J (bluejay). And for the Caring Clown (or during cold season) you've got Pink Is (Pink Eyes) to diagnose and Clean Xs (Kleenex) to pass out for sniffles. Don't forget to dust off those Clean Xs with a feather duster before passing them out.


Equipe your clown pockets with a variety of little gag and pun props such as these:

This mini butterfly net from a bug catching kit can be great for hunting for germs or fleas for your circus. Or for chasing wind up teeth and "running" noses.

These rubber sea creatures (or another pack of little fishies) can be used for a couple of food jokes. Pop one in a small ziplock bag with a handfull of poker chips and you've got Fish and Chips. Or glue one to the end of a popsicle stick. Put three of these in a small box and you've got yourself a Fish Stick Dinner to go.

Grab a small cheese grater from the kitchen section and you can pull it out for lines like "If you think that was great, THIS is a little grater!"
(Photo from Clown Antics)

Or make clown presents like this Jack-in-the-Box. Give as gifts or carry it around to show off as your favorite toy.
(Photo from Clown Antics)
If you find these mini rubber duckies string them together between two pieces of clear packing tape (or better yet, just glue the bases to 2 pieces of duct tape that have beed stuck together. That's more durable and less likely to stick to other things in your bag.) Use the Duck Tape to fix things or to get all your ducks in a row.
(Photo from Clown Antics)


And finally you need a tote to carry it all around in. I like the pockets on this little garden tote. The back side does not have pockets so you can add your clown logo, name or turn it into a Caring Clown bag by adding a red cross.

Get creative! Walk around and look at things. Think of puns and jokes that you could use with that item or google jokes on the net. Soon your clown bag will be full of little surprises!

Have Fun!

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