Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skull Guest Soaps

I was inspired to make these little guest soaps from Dollar Store Crafts last year when the silicone skull ice cube trays came out.

I took my mold this year and a bar of Pears glycerin soap from the dollar store and got to work. It was super easy to do!

I placed a small glass bowl inside a pot of boiling water and using a knife, cut the bar of soap into small pieces. then stirred it continuously until it all melted.

Then using a pot holder, I quickly poured the melted soap into the mold. (The 1 bar filled the whole tray!) hen I popped the tray in to freezer to cool and then popped the skulls out of the mold. I broke off the little bits of extra around the edges. You can also smooth them with a wet finger.

Here they all are piled on a plate in my bathroom.

The clean-up was easy too. I just filled the bowl with water and let it sit in the sink overnight to loosed the soap residue.

I wanted to go one step further with my soaps with a cute container. I fount these printable coffins on this great site featuring printable Halloween toys, Ravensblight.

I assembled a few and put three soaps in each. You can label them as soap just so they don't get confused with all the candy boxes around this time of year!

I'm planning on leaving them out during the Halloween party and sending any unused ones home with guests.

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