Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Labowski Bowling Party

Here's some great ideas for a Big Labowski inspired bowling party that would be awesome at your favorite bowling alley. Could also be paired with a home Wii Bowling tournement. Don't forget to whip up a batch of White Russians and sarsaparillas (fancy rootbeer). Eats can be boling style food like chips, pretzles and popcorn. Here's some simple cupcakes you can make with colored frosting:

Here's a cuter version made with marzipan decorations complete with gel and sprinkle accents:

I love the details of these rug coasters available on Amazon but they are spendy. You can make your own by printing out coaster size rug images and sticking a sheet of sticky cork or fun foam to the back. Laminate the image with clear contact paper first to prevent spills from spearing the image. These make great take home favors to!

Here's a great idea for another kind of favor. Just replace the 'lucky you' sticker with three dot stickers to resemble a bowling ball. place at each place setting in a clear plastic bag. This lets us explore the favors without losing all the little toys afterwards.

To make these, simply bay a few colors of crepe streamers from the dollar store, a few sheets of tissue paper or crepe paper, dot stickers and assorted flat favors such as mini badges, printed bandaids, printed balloons, rub on tatoos, silk pirate eye patches, mardi gras beads, toy rings, fake mustaches, foil wrapped chocolates, novelty coins and any thing else flatish that you can think of. Pick a bouncy ball or other 3D toy for the center to give it it's rounded shape or slip a cool toy into a clear plastic ornament. You can make your own laminated three leaf clovers by picking a bunck of clovers and laying them on clear contact paper, add a fourth leaf and top with more contact paper (or if you're lucky, run it through the home laminator) cut into squares.

Finally here's a cool toy that retails for about $12, The Big Labowski in your Pocket, a toy that has several spoken lines from the movie. Great prize gifts for the best bowling team or the person with the highest score or bowling average at the end of the night.

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